April 21, 2014 jon

5 Different Corporate Video-Marketing Campaigns that Went Viral

If you’re planning a video-marketing campaign one of the first things to think about is:

What format will you use for your branded video-content?

Here are 5 different video formats used in viral corporate videos. If you’d like to discuss how these formats can be used in your own corporate video production, give us a call.

1: Show Your Product in Action

Back in 2006, Blendtec developed a viral video-marketing campaign to show its products in action. Whilst there was nothing new about the concept of these “infomercials” the company added an excellent and unexpected element which caused these corporate videos to go viral.

Instead of blending just the usual ingredients, Blendtec tests items like iPads, paintballs and even a skeleton…

It demonstrates the impressive nature of the product with enough novelty and entertainment that encourages viewers to share, like and engage.

2: Educate Customers

Dumb Ways to Die is an animated video which acts as a public service announcement campaign for Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia.

It educates users of the service about rail safety.

The catchy music and humorous animation saw this video explode virally and is currently nearing 40 million views on YouTube

3: Share a Powerful Story About Your Service

A very recent video (January 2013) is going viral because of its emotional and powerful story.

Hope for Paws shows an employee in action trying to save a stray dog. While there is a novelty aspect of using an iPhone to help save the dog and her puppies, it’s the ability to capture this emotion on video which makes this so compelling.


4: Increase Customer Engagement Through Social Media Interaction

This corporate video-marketing campaign for Tippex generated has 20 millions views and 50,ooo subscribers to its channel.

The premise? Well, you get the most fun from watching and interacting with the video, but basically you can change the ending of the video (and see multiple endings) because Tippex lets you “rewrite” the original concept.


5: Use Employees and Customers to do Something Remarkable

Bensons Beds gathered together employees to attempt a world record for human mattress dominoes.

It features the product prominently, but most of all it got attention to the brand from around the world and resulted in plenty of media and publicity.

Why? Because what they did was newsworthy.

What do you think? How could you incorporate these ideas into your own corporate video? If you’ve got some ideas and want to bounce them off us, we’d love to chat.