What is a micro-documentary?

If you’re thinking about using a corporate video to increase online engagement, customer loyalty and sales, you may have come across the term “micro-documentary” when searching for video production companies.

They are a relatively new approach to making corporate videos and a lot of businesses are using them to promote their product or service.

Even ordinary businesses can turn into extra-ordinary documentaries

Even ordinary businesses can turn into extra-ordinary documentaries

What is a micro documentary

A micro-documentary is typically a short documentary style video based on a specific topic. They may be anything from 1-2 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes. Anything really that is shorter than a standard length documentary which is typically longer than 20 minutes.

Why do businesses use micro-documentaries?

In some cases, businesses find the documentary approach to talking about their business more effective than straight-forward advertising. A documentary typically has a strong, newsworthy narrative, so if done well, a corporate micro-documentary may be picked up by the media to gain valuable press exposure for the business.

A documentary is easier to share and reach people who would be ideal customers for the business, without it feeling like a strong sales sell. In short, a micro-documentary has more power and leverage to be shared then most traditional advertising videos.

How can you use micro-documentaries in your business?

A lot of businesses struggle with the idea of what subject they should cover in their micro-documentary but a good video production company can help you develop a newsworthy story about your business.

Some compelling ideas for your micro-documentary may include:

  • The work you do – see the dog rescue clip in this post about video marketing campaigns that went viral
  • Charitable work your business is involved in
  • Stories about your customers using your product
  • Stories about your employees and how they deliver the service
  • How the product is made, taking a glimpse behind the scenes

People love to connect with human stories rather than direct promotions of goods and services so think about how you can show something similar in your corporate micro-documentary.

Need more information about micro-documentaries?

flycreative produce micro-documentaries for businesses and organisations wanting a compelling video story about the work they do. For more information about how we can produce a micro-documentary about your business, please get in touch.

What Format Do You Need for Your Corporate Video?

If you’re thinking about hiring a London video production company to shoot your corporate video, you might have questions about what format you should choose.

Some video companies charge extra for producing videos in different formats (at flycreative our clients receive all formats as standard).

Before working with a video company, find out what formats they can provide

Before working with a video company, find out what formats they can provide

To answer the question it really depends on how you want to use your corporate video. For example:

Using your corporate video on the web and mobile

A lot of businesses want their corporate videos to use online. These can be used for online tutorials, viral video marketing campaigns, training tools, or live streaming events. Having video on your website can increase engagement and sales if it is designed to appeal to your target audience.

Most video production companies in London will provide your video ready for teh web, which is usually 720p, also classed as HD or HD ready. This formatting will look great on a computer, tablet or mobile.

Using your corporate video as a brochure

You may decide to use your corporate video as a sales tool. Something you can provide to customers to watch and find out more information about your business. Your video production company can provide a video for you on DVD, which will be SD as opposed to HD, but will still look great when viewed on a DVD player or computer.

Using your corporate video for HD screens

You may decide you want to use your corporate video to view in high definition on a HD TV, or screen. In this case you would be provided with a high definition computer file that you would be able to open and play through your computer or laptop onto a projector, or through a high definition TV screen.

Hopefully this has answered your questions about the different formats available when working with a video production company on your corporate video. If you do have any other questions about formatting of videos, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3 Ways to Use Live Stream Video for Your Corporate Events

If you want the coverage of your corporate events to have the competitive edge, you may want to consider live streaming your event.

Live streaming is filming the event live and then transmitting or “streaming” the coverage  online.

No matter where your conference is, we can broadcast it to the world...

No matter where your conference or event is, we can broadcast it to the world…

Previously, because of technology restraints, live streaming was expensive, and out of reach for most companies. At flycreative we decided to invest in technology so that we can always offer live-streaming in-house. This means can offer live-streaming services much quicker and at a more affordable rate than a London video production company that needs to outsource or hire equipment on a day rate.

So how can you use live-streaming video for your corporate events?

1: Unveil Corporate Product Launches Live Online

from product launches, to company events, we can video stream your event live.

from product launches, to company events, we can video stream your event live.

If you want to increase the reach and brand awareness of a new product launch, one option is to arrange for a demonstration or unveiling to be transmitted online. With the ability to reach millions of people around the world, it is easier to contact industry figures, media, journalist and trade publications to your event.

It’s easy and free for attendees to watch online, and with high definition quality, you can take comfort that your product and brand will look stunning.

2: Broadcast Company Workshops to Reach More Employees

If you are a global organisation with employees around the world, you can still reach your staff with a unified message by live streaming corporate workshops, events and training.


Use video streaming to share your training events with employees around the world.

Use video streaming to share your training events with employees around the world.

If it’s not possible for everyone around the world to attend a company conference, training workshop or event, you can boost inclusion by streaming the event live and providing access to all employees.

These can also be recorded and archived, so that in the instance of training, you can build a library of high-quality training materials based on a live event. This means you don’t have to spend time and money recording materials separately.

3: Sell Online Access Worldwide to Company Seminars and Conferences

If you are a company with a worldwide audience, attracting attendees to conferences can be a challenge.

With live streaming video however, you can broadcast the event as it happens, and sell tickets to attend around the world.

The high-definition quality of live streaming video means that people attending online experience crisp video footage and excellent audio instead of stuttered and blurred coverage.

The ability to offer online attendance to your company conferences easily establishes your brand at the forefront of new digital media marketing method.

For more information about how we can cover your event with live streaming video. Please get in touch.

Video Production Costs

If your a company researching London video production companies, one of the common  filters in addition to quality and services will be price.

We understand that the budget is an important part of any video production project and we thought it might be useful to explain what some of the items are that you might see pvide in a quotation from a London video production company.

Do you know who will be working on your corporate video and how much they cost?

Do you know who will be working on your corporate video and how much they cost?

Depending on the company and the quality of equipment and services they offer, prices will natrually vary, but here are some things you would expect to see in a breakdown of a quotation:

Director / Producer Costs

These are usually based on a day rate and the quotation should outline at the outset how many days the director or the producer will be required.


While the director is usually seen very close to the camera, and even filming some shots, it’s not unusual to have a separate camera operator, or a number of cameramen depending on the nature of the video project. If you are considering using live stream video for your corporate event, multiple cameramen are often used to broadcast different angles of the event.

Equipment (Camera, Audio and Lighting)

Again, depending on the nature of the shoot, different equipment will be needed, and it’s not unusual for some larger pieces to be hired for specific shoots. Unlike other London video production companies, flycreative has invested in our equipment and own the majority of our technology outright.

This enables us to keep production costs low for our customers as we’re not having to pay premium hire prices, but can use our own up-to-date equipment.

Sound Man

The  sound man is an important role on the shoot, but some corporate video projects won’t need one. Smaller shoots are more than covered by the high-quality of lapel microphones or camera microphones.


Will you need a soundman for your corpoate video?

Will you need a soundman for your corporate video?

Liability Insurance

Always make sure that your video production company has liability insurance (we do). This is usually included in the cost of the shoot rather than as an additional cost.

Professional Voiceover

If you don’t have a voiceover artist and need one, your video production company should be able to source one from a talent pool, and this cost would be included in your quotation.


Editing is usually charged separately from the filming as the footage from the shoot needs to be processed, reviewed and edited once the shoot is complete. This is usually billed on a per-day basis.

Motion Graphics

Should you require animation or motion graphics for your corporate video project, there will be a cost for this. This might include animating your company logo or using animation to make a message more visual and stand out.


Would motion graphics help your brand stand out?

Would motion graphics help your brand stand out?

Production Music

If your corporate video requires music that you don’t currently own, your video production company should be able to source licensed music for your project.

Different formats of video

Some production companies do charge extra if you want your video in a suitable format for the web, mobile, high-definition, or hard-copy. At flycreative we provide this as standard and don’t charge you any extra. 🙂

For more information about our video production costs, please get in touch.

Video Marketing Success for Luxury Brands: A Matter of Experience

44% of luxury marketers believe online video is more effective at driving traffic to stores than TV.

The benefits are becoming clearer: online video-marketing provides more flexibility in production, and a more targeted reach than TV production. This means rather than spending £100,000s commissioning a short 30 second prime time spot, luxury companies can achieve much more with a lot less spend.

Build your luxury video around customer dreams

Build your luxury video around customer dreams. Image by Belovdchenko Anton

Long term video campaigns, live-event streaming, video tutorials are just a few ways luxury brands can use video for lead generation, expanding customer reach and also improving retention.

Most importantly, it allows luxury brands to showcase the most critical element of their sales message:

Making the experience unforgettable

In Pamela’ Danziger’s Let Them Eat Cake: an in-depth research project into the attitudes towards luxury spending, she discovered a notable shift in the purchasing patterns of luxury buyers. In the mid 2000s, affluent customers were more motivated by experiential purchases rather than materialistic ones.

Instead of features, affluent customers were more driven by the experience of owning or using the product.

So what does this mean for a luxury brand expanding into video-marketing campaigns?

How to increase emotional attachment to a luxury product through video

With cinematic film techniques, it’s easy for us to make your product look beautiful on screen.

Whether you’re selling luxury clothing or private jet ownership, a we can reflect the quality of craftsmanship in your product and make it shine.

But this is only a fraction of the story you need to tell your customer to compel them to contact you or to make a purchase.

The real gold in your video is using cinematic techniques to take your customer on a journey of ownership.

Show them events and occasions where people wearing luxury clothing are standing out from the crowd. Show the convenience and peace of travelling for business, or as a family, without the stresses of regular air travel.

Use video to encourage an emotional attachment and anticipation to your product and it will be far more compelling than footage of what it is.

If you’re looking for a video production company in London to tell the powerful narrative of your brand, contact us today.

How to Create a Customer Profile for Corporate Videos

Video marketing is an important tool for brand awareness, lead generation and sales.

But without a properly developed customer profile for your video-marketing campaign you risk investing in video production that just doesn’t make an impact with your target buyer.

At FlyCreative, we always carry out an in-depth customer analysis to make sure we’re including the best narrative and images to reach them. Even if you don’t hire us, answering the following questions will help you start to build create a useful customer profile for your digital-marketing.

What are their current obstacles and challenges?

You have a product or service that solves a problem for your customer and this is a rich resource of ideas for a successful video campaign.

Too many unsuccessful video campaigns focus on the product or the service, but the problem it solves is much more relevant to your customer. This can be a powerful story for a video campaign.

For a company like the Carphone Warehouse, the company understood that their customer’s problem wasn’t that they didn’t have a phone and needed one, but that they weren’t aware of all the choices available, and how to get the most out of their phones. That’s why they built in tutorials for a video-marketing campaign.

What questions do they have about solving the problem?

Another great source of video campaign ideas is the questions your customer has about solving their problem.

A consumer looking for luxury clothing online may have questions such as how to source the best possible clothes, how to choose the best luxury clothes on a budget, how to find luxury clothing for a particular event or occasion.

A successful video-marketing campaign rests on producing content that your customer actively wants to consume, AND promotes your business.

By answering their questions through video, you help move them from the prospecting phase into a potential lead and sale.

What questions do they have about doing business with your company?

An often overlooked part of a video campaign is not information about your company, but answering the questions your customer might have about doing business with you.

Many corporate videos are poorly received because the video content doesn’t answer these questions.

Left unanswered these are potential objections your prospect might have when it comes to doing business with you.

Some questions may include: what is the service like? How long is it before I see results from your company? What do you do that other companies don’t do?

Have a think about how you can tackle these issues in your own video-marketing campaign, and if you need any help, you know where we are. 🙂

Washington Post to Move into Online Videos

Traditional media outlets and publishing houses are finding answers to declining print circulation and advertising revenue by investing in video production.

Recently, another organisation using online video to increase user engagement is The Washington Post. The Post announced at the beginning of the year that investment in video-production would result in a dedicated online political video channel.

“Substantial” resources will be assigned to this venture to create more than 30 hours of programming each month.

In recent years online publications have struggled to raise revenue through advertising since content-marketing has been more successful. However, an increase in video usage provides an opportunity for publishers to increase their online audience.

If this is successful, The Post can then re-evaluate its advertising model to see whether sponsored messages attached to these videos are enough to boost advertising revenues.

For more information on creating an online video-marketing campaign for your business, call 020-3286-4570 or use our contact form to tell us about your project.

3 Essential Ingredients for Video-Tutorials that Increase Sales

Smart companies now market their services “under the radar” by publishing high quality content that their prospects can use to make a decision.

And if 2012 was the year of main-stream companies blogging, creating infographics and content-downloads, 2013 is the year of the video.

Large companies are not using video-marketing to increase sales and customer engagement. Just before Christmas, the Carphone Warehouse announced plans to create more online video tutorials to provide advice to customers researching phones.

Should you be doing something similar for your business though? Would video-tutorials be the best format for your corporate videos?

Here are some questions to help you decide:

Can you help customers in the pre-purchase phase?

Carphone Warehouse know a lot of pre-purchase research done online. As much as 70% of their store purchases begin with research online.

As a result the company is actively targeting customers ahead of their purchase.

Companies often make the mistake of targeting their marketing at a much later stage, when customers know what they want and just need to pick a retailer for the purchase.

This is a missed opportunity to increase the reach of your marketing.

What is the pre-purchase phase in your business? Do customers spend time researching the solution in general before narrowing it down to a particular vendor?

In the B2B industry of software, many technology companies provide online video demonstrations because they know businesses spend time researching solutions before approaching vendors for proposals.

Creating video tutorials for this stage in the sales cycle puts your company front and centre in your prospect’s mind when picking suppliers for the short list.

Will your videos provide independent value?

Independent value means your videos have to be useful even if your customer never buys from you.

It’s what separates companies that have built large and engaged audiences, and companies that simply cannot get people to watch or share their videos.

In the Carphone Warehouse example, a video that simply sells the benefits of buying a particular model through the company will easily be detected as an advert.

Its credibility and trust in the content decreases.

Video-tutorials that focus on a range of phones suitable for international students, or the features you need if you’re interested in using the internet abroad are much more useful.

At the end of the video, you can provide a call to action to browse products on your site, but the promotion is secondary to the independent value.

Ignore the independent value rule and your prospects will ignore your marketing.

Can you disguise your advertising (for best results)?

Savvy consumers can smell advertising a mile off.

The recent uproar after media outlet The Atlantic made a huge mistake with native advertising shows what can happen if you under-estimate your audience’s awareness of what is and is not-advertising.

Some of the most famously successful advertising campaigns were based on long tutorials with no prominent offer.

The below advert looked like a regular informative article. It was used in the New York times and famously attracted 10,000 responses. The offer was buried deep in the copy.

Why did it work so well?

Well it embodies all of the above 3 points:

  • It targeted customers in the “pre-purchase” phase

  • It had independent value

  • It didn’t look like an advert

For more information on creating tutorial videos as part of your video-marketing campaign, contact us on 020-3286-4570 or email: hello (at)

Why Video-Marketing Increases Travel Sales for Companies like Orbitz


If you’re a hotel, leisure facility or a tourist board, your marketing has to make a compelling argument to persuade customers to choose you. And with the presence of multiple travel forums such as Trip Advisor, customers want more than just advertising.

Travel customers want an honest picture of their future holiday.

Reviews, referrals and photos are very persuasive.

But smart travel companies are using video-marketing campaigns to show travellers and tourist whet they can expect when they arrive on their holiday or business trip. With video-marketing it is much easier for your customer to imagine themselves spending time at your resort or facility.

Travel Bookings Increased 45% and 74%

Travel company Orbitz are investing in a series of videos which show off their destinations including Ireland, the Cayman Islands and most recently upstate New York.

And the investment is worth it.

Their numbers show that 45% of leisure travellers and 74% of affluent travellers book travel after viewing online videos.

Orbitz is just one company that is following the increasing trend to add video marketing into their digital content marketing campaigns.

So why does video marketing work so well for travel companies and tourism boards?

Video Marketing Brings Subtle Beauty to Life

Cinematic-quality videos (like the ones we make at fly creative 🙂 ) capture so many more subtle selling points that are harder to explain to potential customers verbally or in a brochure or leaflet.

A great sales representative might be able to describe the peace and tranquility of a visit to upstate New York, but a sweeping panoramic shot of a lake, or the dramatic qualities of a local street festival actively transports your customers there.

A Faster Emotional Connection

Within seconds a video can have a physical and emotional reaction on your viewer. That ability to capture and keep attention is why corporate companies like Orbitz (and others) are investing in video-marketing campaigns.

The corporate videos planned by Orbitz are designed so that customers are encouraged to have an emotional reaction.

These videos are not about simply providing the facts of the resort or location, they are shot to encourage travellers to feel something. For example:

  • Calm and tranquil
  • Excited by potential adventures
  • Excited about escaping the grind
  • Hope and optimistic about the upcoming trip

In brochures, copywriting and image placement are used to evoke these kinds of reactions.

But you’re counting on people to read all of your text.

With a corporate travel video you can have your audience emotionally hooked within the first second.

Repetition Reinforces and Anchors Customer Desire

Visuals are powerful motivators. People will often keep photos of a car they want to own, a holiday destination they’d like to visit, or clothes they’d like to buy.

This visual stimulation reinforces our desire for that object. It keeps us focused on what we want and reminds us of how we imagine we will feel when we own it or when we travel to that place.

Video multiplies that effect.

The best corporate videos or branded video-content, are designed so that your customer WANTS to watch the video again and again.

That’s one of the reasons video-marketing campaigns for the travel industry are so successful. Each time they watch your corporate video they are  become more emotionally attached, their desire for the experience increases and you’re more likely to experience an increase in enquiries and booking as Orbitz has found.

At FlyCreative, we can design, produce and deliver this style of corporate video for you. If you want to chat more about how video can help your digital-marketing campaigns, please get in touch!

Anamorphic Filters

If you have been to the cinema recently you may have noticed several directors and cinematographers heavily experimenting in lights flairs and filters, a similar look normally achieved in modern music videos, to create more of a raw camera look, losing the clean, colourful 90’s glaze we all got bored with far too quickly.

Well we have! so we’re just going to tell you how these techniques are created and the best way as a film maker to produce similar effects in production and in post production without the Hollywood budgets.


Streak filters;
There seems to be an abundance of films using this effect recently.. Looper, J.J. Abrams – StarTrek (which even Abrams has quoted as calling “ridiculous“) anything by Micheal Bay. Even going back as far as Ridley Scotts dark futuristic classic BladeRunner which was shot in 1982… I KNOW!!!

J.J. Abrams achieved most of his off screen light glares and blooms by having a few selected lighting technicians point 100K lights into the lens from the side of the scene achieving the look of glare from an off frame source.

Star filters:
These were popular back in the day but you still see a lot of feature films using then to emphasise a candle or distant street lights.

Where to buy:
We are big fans of Optefex who sell these filters in most sizes and colour tints. The standard is 4X4 inches if you are using a regular sized Mattebox
They can range from 4X4 can cost £200 – £600 but also a on lens filter 72mm or 77mm if you look around.

Where to hire:
We have hired from ShootBlue for approximately £70 a day before

How to make:
If you have a steady hand with a knife you could produce your own, there are several tutorial online.. You could cut straight lines down a piece of 4X4 plastic and hang them vertically in front of the the camera lens inside a Mattebox filter:

Or put some nylon or fishing wire in front of your lens with an elastic band.

As with most things these days in film, you have the ability to makes something look as good off the camera as you do on by knowing which Plug-ins to use and how.

Red Giant’s Knoll Light Factory and Video Copilot’s Optical Flares are two great examples. They give you full control over the flares and where they will glare in relation to your subject.
It’s always worth remembering that overuse of any effect such as these flairs can also hinder the look of a great shot…


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