December 5, 2011 jon

Brighton Patch – Timelapse

Since the early 2000’s we have wanted to produce more time=lapse and integrate it into our work more, then in 2008 Bathtub by Keith Loutit was created and blew our ruddy socks off:

Since then he has released a series of new videos, each one as awesome and breath taking as the last.

Our office is based in Brighton (London by the sea some call it) so it would have been rude to not get out there in the sun and get some sexy time-lapse, we don’t have a Tilt-shift lens and don’t think the post production works as well so were happy to mess about with some straight forward time-lapse which we also used in a few of our local video productions.

We will be posting a lot more tutorials soon so please keep an eye out for Tilt-shift tutorials and Time-lapse tutorials when we get them up on our blog.

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