April 8, 2013 jon

How a Content Audit Produces Video Marketing Ideas

One of the challenges in video marketing is publishing regular, high-quality content for your ideal customer.

One of the ways to generate video-marketing ideas is to complete a content audit.

What is a content audit?

A content audit is where you go through your business to look for content that might be interesting to potential customers. From sales literature to internal ideas and communication it can be a quick win for generating fast ideas.

So, where do you start?

Sales Materials

Previous brochures or leaflets can produce inspiration for video-marketing ideas. Have a look at what worked well and see if you can translate a brochure or leaflet into a company video tutorial or corporate documentary.

Your offline sales team may even have presentations or materials that they use for face to face sales that would be perfect to use in a video that you can use on your website.

Case studies and customer enquiries

Sometimes looking at previous client work and questions customers have had can create perfect topics for video marketing.

Do you have questions or enquiries that constantly crop up that you could cover in a home page video? Or perhaps you’d like a behind the scenes corporate video of previous work to help you attract new clients.

Blog posts

If you have a company blog, you can easily repurpose this content into video without having to start from scratch when thinking about video ideas.

You can modify the headline, or update the information or simply present the same information in vidoe form. By presenting the same information in multiple mediums you can increase your target reach by appealing to people who enjoy reading and consuming video content.

For more details on how to conduct a content audit to create video marketing ideas, please contact flycreative today.