November 24, 2013 jon

How Quickly Can You Receive Your Corporate Video?

A common question we receive from clients is how long it takes to make a corporate video.

The answer is that it really depends on what you need and when you need it. Because we have access to a number of talented film makers and producers we can usually turn around jobs pretty quickly.

Any minute now and your corporate video will be ready...

Any minute now and your corporate video will be ready…

But to give you an indication of timings, here are some ideas:

Corporate documentaries

If you want a documentary based on your company this is something we can offer. We can create micro-documentaries (1-2 minutes) in 2-3 weeks or sooner if the storyboards and scripts are already provided. We can provide creative and marketing ideas for your documentary which can add on a little extra time to this process as we work with you to develop a script and concept that you are happy with.

Longer documentaries may take upwards of 2-3 months depending on length, concept and location.

Live stream events

With live-streaming events your film can be seen in almost real time. We work with you prior to your event to set up the cameras and equipment so that we can film your event and have it streaming live as the action happens.

Time sensitive pieces

We are aware that many companies want to use video to film live events, and then have them edited and processed quickly for the blog.

For example, if your company is attending or hosting a conference, we can spend the day filming the event, and the evening producing your video so that you can have your video in a format ready for the web the same day or following morning.

For more information about how long it takes to deliver your video, please contact us.