April 8, 2013 jon

How Simple Fun Makes a Fascinating Corporate Video

If you’re looking for corporate video production to use in your marketing, it’s worth considering how you want to engage new customers with your brand.

Some companies make mistakes in corporate videos by not focusing on a subject that is fascinating to the viewer, but also by not showcasing the brand and the service.

One of the ways we’ve explored how to avoid this is with a behind-the-scenes company video or corporate documentary which shows your employees or even CEO during their day to day work.

If that doesn’t sound like it might be interesting to your viewers, consider this simple, but natural video which shows 2 news anchors and a short routine they do in commercial breaks. It was built up over years of working together and shows the great rapport the anchors have.

Currently, it has almost 3.5 millions views on YouTube:

Can you do something similar in your corporate video?

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