February 5, 2013 jon

How to Create a Customer Profile for Corporate Videos

Video marketing is an important tool for brand awareness, lead generation and sales.

But without a properly developed customer profile for your video-marketing campaign you risk investing in video production that just doesn’t make an impact with your target buyer.

At Mustard, we always carry out an in-depth customer analysis to make sure we’re including the best narrative and images to reach them. Even if you don’t hire us, answering the following questions will help you start to build create a useful customer profile for your digital-marketing.

What are their current obstacles and challenges?

You have a product or service that solves a problem for your customer and this is a rich resource of ideas for a successful video campaign.

Too many unsuccessful video campaigns focus on the product or the service, but the problem it solves is much more relevant to your customer. This can be a powerful story for a video campaign.

For a company like the Carphone Warehouse, the company understood that their customer’s problem wasn’t that they didn’t have a phone and needed one, but that they weren’t aware of all the choices available, and how to get the most out of their phones. That’s why they built in tutorials for a video-marketing campaign.

What questions do they have about solving the problem?

Another great source of video campaign ideas is the questions your customer has about solving their problem.

A consumer looking for luxury clothing online may have questions such as how to source the best possible clothes, how to choose the best luxury clothes on a budget, how to find luxury clothing for a particular event or occasion.

A successful video-marketing campaign rests on producing content that your customer actively wants to consume, AND promotes your business.

By answering their questions through video, you help move them from the prospecting phase into a potential lead and sale.

What questions do they have about doing business with your company?

An often overlooked part of a video campaign is not information about your company, but answering the questions your customer might have about doing business with you.

Many corporate videos are poorly received because the video content doesn’t answer these questions.

Left unanswered these are potential objections your prospect might have when it comes to doing business with you.

Some questions may include: what is the service like? How long is it before I see results from your company? What do you do that other companies don’t do?

Have a think about how you can tackle these issues in your own video-marketing campaign, and if you need any help, you know where we are. 🙂