February 17, 2014 jon

How to Define the Purpose of Your Corporate Video

We’ve already seen how having a professionally produced corporate video can increase sales and customer loyalty, but to get the best results you have to make sure everything works from the very beginning.

Setting your corporate video up for success starts by outlining why you want it produced.

The clearer your idea about how you want your corporate video to produce results, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Here are some of the common reasons businesses have company videos created:

Build Brand Awareness

There is nothing wrong with using a video to build brand awareness, as long as you understand that is your goal and you know how you will be measuring it.

For example, when thinking about brand awareness, think about reaching your target market, rather than a mass audience.

For example, you might target relevant LinkedIn Groups, Twitter lists, industry sites to use as the distribution channels for your video. From there you can monitor the shares, likes and people talking about your video within a market relevant to your business.

Generating Leads or Sales?

Knowing whether you want your video to generate leads or sales will make the difference when you have it produced. A lead video can afford to be brief, more focused on the emotional aspects of purchasing your product, because it only has to encourage your viewer to take the next step of getting in touch.

A sales video needs to be more thorough, answering more of the questions your customer needs to know before making a purchase.

Demonstrating Your Product or Tutorials

Tutorials can increase the overall use of your product by current customers, as well as helping prospects turn into customers during the research phase.

Product tutorials, when done right can even go viral for a company. Showing your product or service working can be a very persuasive story to tell.

Educating Employees or Suppliers

Video training is very effective because of the speed that information can be delivered, and being able to demonstrate instructions visually.

If you decide to make a training video it’s also worth having a method of following up with viewers to see what impact the video had on them.

For more details on defining the purpose for your corporate video, contact flycreative today.