March 15, 2013 jon

How to Increase Value Perception With Behind-The-Scenes Video

Previously we have talked about how corporate micro-documentaries can be used to tell a compelling story about your business to your ideal customers.

One of the reasons this works well is because it shows your ideal audience what goes on behind the scenes in your business. This can be a very effective technique to use in your marketing that can increase the value perception of your product or service.

By value-perception, we simply mean how much your viewer believes your product or service is worth.

This can be very useful if you want to make your customers comfortable paying a premium price for your service. So why does this method work?

Can you increase your value using video?

Can you increase your value using video?

It reveals the value of the process

When you make a behind-the-scenes video that shows the process of how your product or service is delivered, it reveals the effort that goes into the end result. This helps your customer understand why your offering is so important.

If you sell organic oranges, and you can show the effort that goes into researching, selecting and delivering the best-quality oranges, your customer can then understand the process behind the price tag.

It reveals the importance of what you do

In the above example, if you show the story behind why it is important to choose organic oranges you can also increase the value perception of what it is you offer. This is the same for any service that is worthwhile. From finance to technology, if you can show behind the scenes what drives the desire to provide this service based on how important it is in the world, you can provide a more compelling message to your audience through video.

It gives your customer a story to tell

This is particularly true with services or products that are bespoke or tailored. When a customer knows how their product is made or the service is delivered, they are able to elevate their status within a group with an interesting story.

This is particularly powerful with hand made items and a lot of micro-documentaries are used to provide fascinating facts about how items are made, from iPads to bikes.

To find out how you can increase value-perception with a behind-the-scenes video, contact us today.