December 27, 2013 jon

How to Tell Your Business Story in Video

As video marketing increases in popularity, companies are competing to get the attention of their ideal customer and create a video that people want to watch and share.

Simply recording footage of how your business works, isn’t enough to achieve this. Instead viewers are engaged by strong narratives and emotional connections. So how can you increase the impact of storytelling in your own corporate video?

Start with a bang

Within seconds your viewer will decide whether or not to watch your video so you want to start strong. Try and avoid lengthy introductions to your business. Instead think about the brand image and message that you want people to have about your company and work with a company to illustrate that within the first few seconds of your video.

Have a goal

You will have a goal for producing a corporate video, but the story itself should also have a goal. What do you want to portray in your video? How your business goes above and beyond in customer service? Or how you want to open more stores in the next few years? Share your goals and ambition in your video to create an emotional engagement with your audience.

Face a challenge

Stories are much more interesting when there is a challenge or obstacles. All great films have something in the way of the hero’s dream. Share your own challenges with your viewers to increase empathy.

Feature engaging characters

When it comes to videos, we like watching people we can relate to. Think about who you want to feature in your corporate videos. Which employees will you use, or will it even be the CEO? 

Have a resolution

Every story needs a powerful conclusion. Once you have opened with a bang, outlined your dream, shared your obstacles and your engaging characters, you need to let your audience know how you will resolve your story.

This is where you want to explain the success you have in your business or how you deliver the product or service to your customer.

For more details about telling your corporate story through video, contact flycreative today.