April 20, 2014 jon

How to Use a Corporate Video on Your Company Website

If you’re thinking about using video as part of your online digital strategy, a question you may have is where to put your videos on your site once they have been produced.

While every video-marketing campaign is different, here are a few ideas to help you decide where you want to display your corporate video.

How can you use your corporate video creatively on your website?

How can you use your corporate video creatively on your website?

As a home page welcome message

Using a video on your home page is a great way to convey your important company message within a few seconds. Video is eye-catching and engaging and presents a story much faster than written content.

In your welcome video you can mention who it is you help, what you do, and why your customers love you.

For testimonials

Video testimonials are a way of sharing compelling customer stories that sell your services, without being overly pushy or ‘salesy.’

Consider using testimonials from live events, or from happy customers, or even suppliers. By sharing the story of your product from an end-user’s point of view you get to shine the spotlight on your audience rather than your company.

Doing it this way lets you showcase your talents, without alienating the viewer by being too company-centric.

On your events page

A video that gives people a feel for your live events can be a powerful way for viewers to imagine and visualise what it would be like to attend in person.

By showing high-quality shots of the venue, speakers, attendees and surroundings, you can capture the vibrant atmosphere and transfer it to video to share with potential customers.

On your services page

Sometimes showing your customers how you work can be more effective than explaining it. By showing the care and attention that goes into producing your product you can increase the value of the product or service in your customer’s eyes.

Video can also tell a story about your services, with a micro-documentary for example. Creating a compelling narrative about what you do as a company or organisation can increase online engagement and the chances of viewers sharing your video online.

For more information about the different ways you can use your corporate video online, please contact us.