March 27, 2013 jon

Report Review: Lights, Camera, Call-to-Action: Trends in Video Marketing

We often get asked by clients about the trends in video-marketing. More companies are increasing their investment in video-marketing because of data that shows videos increase sales and customer engagement.

At flycreative we like to share the reports and news we read with clients and readers, and our latest report round-up is Lights, Camera, Call-to-Action: Trends in Video Marketing, by the Aberdeen Group.

No time to read the small print? don't worry, we've got you covered below...

No time to read the small print? don’t worry, we’ve got you covered below…

You can download the report from here. You need to register on the site, so if you’re in a hurry, here are the highlights:

The Biggest Marketing Problem is Competitive “Noise”

After surveying more than 100 marketing and sales professionals, the report shows that the biggest challenge is being heard above the noise of the competition. 54% found that differentiating themselves from the competition was a bigger challenge than thin marketing budgets, not converting leads effectively, or not identifying the best prospects.

Video-Marketing Drives Conversions

The report found that Best-in-Class companies were more likely (by 38%) to use video marketing not only for lead generation, but for nurture, sales and retention.

Video can be used in many ways throughout the stages of the buying process. From viral corporate videos that catch attention, to videos that encourage sales, and video tutorials that can improve customer loyalty.

One Corporate Video = Multiple Marketing Opportunities

The companies who were successful in using video in their marketing made sure their videos could be filmed once, but have multiple marketing uses. For example, this would mean working with your video production company to make sure your corporate video format was suitable for the web, for offline viewing and high definition viewing.

It’s also important to make sure your video will still look great when viewed on a mobile or tablet device.

The Importance of Video Interaction

With your corporate or marketing video, the report discovered that Best-in-Class companies were more likely to ensure viewing was not a passive experience.

There are many ways we can make your corporate video an interactive marketing experience. We can include multiple user experiences, with customer’s choosing the endings. We can integrate and embed calls to action including subscribe, register and buy buttons. To talk about how we can make your corporate video interactive, contact us today.

Compelling, Concise Content

The report also emphasised the importance of delivering a strong story to your audience, and keeping individual videos relatively short. The average length of a corporate video was found to be 3.5 minutes.

For more information about how we work with Best-in-Class companies to deliver excellent video-marketing experiences, contact flycreative today.

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