August 21, 2014 jon

Using a Video Production Company to Create Screencasts

screen cast video production brightonScreencasts are perfect for businesses in the tech industry or have a product which can be shown on screen.

A screencast is a video that captures what is shown on a computer screen. This works well for creating marketing videos for software and online technology companies to promote how a product works.

For example, a procurement manager may appreciate screencasts which provide a short overview of accounting software, or CRM and ERP software. In a couple of minutes they can visualise how the product works, and see how it can benefit their company.

Some other ways to use screencasts in your marketing include:

  • Create tutorial videos on how to use your business software
  • Create a tutorial on how to do an online task
  • Create a review of software, tools, websites and more

If it’s on your screen and you have an idea for sharing information about it, you can turn it into a compelling screencast.

A video production company like flycreative can help record and edit your screencasts, and include professional motion graphics at the start and finish of the videos to make them stand out.

For more information about using screencasts in your business, contact flycreative today.

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