March 18, 2013 jon

Using Video for Product Demonstrations and How-to Tutorials

One of the benefits of using video to convey a message is the immediacy of the medium. Within seconds you can communicate the benefits, features and the different ways your product or service works.

Video tutorials can also work to increase sales as well as customer engagement. If you’re considering working with a London video production company this way, here are some things to think about.

Video tutorials can be a powerful sales and marketing tool

Video tutorials can be a powerful sales and marketing tool

What do you want to say?

Before you work with a video production company on a corporate video tutorial, it’s worth considering what you need to say, and the target viewer you would like to attract.

Do you want to educate your customers about a service you offer? Or communicate your vendor process to suppliers? If you spend time drafting out what you want to say, and prioritising the most important parts, you video production company will be able to produce a compelling and clear video.

Where will the video fall in your sales cycle?

Related to the above point, it’s also worth considering where your video will fall in your sales cycle. Is it at the very beginning to educate potential customers about solutions available to a problem they are having? For example, if you are selling CRM software to companies, you may want to show a video comparing the use of your software, to other methods such as manual spreadsheets.

Is the video going to be used for customer retention or increasing repeat purchases? Video tutorials for using a product can increase repeat purchases by encouraging the customer to use a product or buy further accessories to improve the experience.

For example, if you are selling hair styling products and can release a series of tutorials encouraging customers to use the product in a variety of ways, you’re likely to increase product usage and encourage repeat purchasing.

What should your viewer do next?

Every piece of content in a marketing campaign should have a call to action, including your videos. If a customer is watching your video until the end that means you have his or her attention. You want to take that momentum and encourage them to take action. Think about whether you want them to sign up to a newsletter to be updated with further tutorials, or to click through to a purchase page for accessories, or simply to share the video on social media.

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