October 8, 2014 jon

4 Ways to to Use Video Production in Your Marketing

Although there were three different types of video marketing techniques mentioned in the previously, this article will cover the main approaches to video marketing which is using a video production company to film a video for your company.

A video is perfect for the following types of content:

Personal reviews

In personal reviews, you shine a light on your customer’s problem and explain how you helped them. This can come in the form of someone reviewing your product, or talking about how your service works from a customer’s point of view.

Video is also a great way to showcase product reviews by industry experts. If your product is having a review in a magazine or trade publication, consider asking the publisher if you can make a video about the review as well.

Answering customer questions

If you have commonly asked questions that you know your customer thinks about before buying your product, why not create a video to deal with them?

This might include questions about the product, questions about your company, or questions that will help them in the pre-sale research phase of the buying cycle.


Video is extremely powerful for testimonials and reviews because it puts the viewer into the seat of the video subject; it makes it feel as if they have the product in the video – you project ownership.

Product tutorials

Product tutorials are very informational because it may reveal additional uses for your products that existing owners did no know previously; it also opens up a channel to share your product to people that may be interested in purchasing from you.
Perhaps your business could employ a variety of these types of video content. You could turn your employees into the video subject matter and use their knowledge of the business to give a very human side of the business. Likewise, you could record yourself talking about your business and sharing information that could help your customers.

For more ways of using video in your marketing strategy, contact flycreative today.

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