February 12, 2013 jon

Video Production Costs

If your a company researching London video production companies, one of the common  filters in addition to quality and services will be price.

We understand that the budget is an important part of any video production project and we thought it might be useful to explain what some of the items are that you might see pvide in a quotation from a London video production company.

Do you know who will be working on your corporate video and how much they cost?

Do you know who will be working on your corporate video and how much they cost?

Depending on the company and the quality of equipment and services they offer, prices will natrually vary, but here are some things you would expect to see in a breakdown of a quotation:

Director / Producer Costs

These are usually based on a day rate and the quotation should outline at the outset how many days the director or the producer will be required.


While the director is usually seen very close to the camera, and even filming some shots, it’s not unusual to have a separate camera operator, or a number of cameramen depending on the nature of the video project. If you are considering using live stream video for your corporate event, multiple cameramen are often used to broadcast different angles of the event.

Equipment (Camera, Audio and Lighting)

Again, depending on the nature of the shoot, different equipment will be needed, and it’s not unusual for some larger pieces to be hired for specific shoots. Unlike other London video production companies, flycreative has invested in our equipment and own the majority of our technology outright.

This enables us to keep production costs low for our customers as we’re not having to pay premium hire prices, but can use our own up-to-date equipment.

Sound Man

The  sound man is an important role on the shoot, but some corporate video projects won’t need one. Smaller shoots are more than covered by the high-quality of lapel microphones or camera microphones.


Will you need a soundman for your corpoate video?

Will you need a soundman for your corporate video?

Liability Insurance

Always make sure that your video production company has liability insurance (we do). This is usually included in the cost of the shoot rather than as an additional cost.

Professional Voiceover

If you don’t have a voiceover artist and need one, your video production company should be able to source one from a talent pool, and this cost would be included in your quotation.


Editing is usually charged separately from the filming as the footage from the shoot needs to be processed, reviewed and edited once the shoot is complete. This is usually billed on a per-day basis.

Motion Graphics

Should you require animation or motion graphics for your corporate video project, there will be a cost for this. This might include animating your company logo or using animation to make a message more visual and stand out.


Would motion graphics help your brand stand out?

Would motion graphics help your brand stand out?

Production Music

If your corporate video requires music that you don’t currently own, your video production company should be able to source licensed music for your project.

Different formats of video

Some production companies do charge extra if you want your video in a suitable format for the web, mobile, high-definition, or hard-copy. At flycreative we provide this as standard and don’t charge you any extra. 🙂

For more information about our video production costs, please get in touch.