March 29, 2013 jon

YouTube Exceeds 1 Billion Visitors. Great News for Video-Marketing

YouTube now has more than 1 billion people visiting the site each month to consume a range of videos from pure entertainment, to viral corporate videos.

If your business has considered adding video into the marketing mix, now is a good time to explore the options. Not only are more companies using video-marketing to be heard above the competitive noise, but YouTube’s latest news shows how powerful the site can be as a  distribution channel for your video-marketing.

Corporate video production ahs come a long way... and that's great news

It’s easier than ever to get high-quality corporate videos with thousands of views with improved technology and increased video demand.

As a London video production company, flycreative has been making corporate videos for years, and have seen exciting developments that make video-marketing more accessible than ever for businesses.

Our favourite changes include:

Affordable, Film-Quality Corporate Videos

Over the years we’ve invested heavily in video equipment. Unlike some London video production companies that rely on hiring equipment, we can provide most services with in house. This longer term view and investment means that we have always stayed up to date with the latest technology while passing on savings to customers.

What does this mean for your business? Well we have equipment you’d find on a film set, but for the budget of an affordable corporate video.

Increased Video-Marketing Exposure

Technology improvements means it’s easier than ever to access and watch video, which means your corporate videos have more chance of being seen. When we work on your corporate video we offer multiple channels of distribution and can advise you on how to make sure your video is seen as much as possible by your ideal client.

This means more exposure for your marketing materials, which means a better return on your investment.

Improved Customer Experience

Today your customer can watch high-quality video on mobiles, tablets, or computers around the world both off and online. They can interact with your videos, share, comment and engage with your content much easier. This makes for a better customer experience of your brand which can improve your brand image, customer loyalty and sales.

For more details about how you can benefit from the technology and marketing opportunities with video, contact flycreative today.

Photo by DSmous