March 26, 2014 jon

3 Popular Video Marketing Methods

clapperboardThere is no written “rule” on how to create video for your marketing campaign but there have been three types that are popular that you may want to consider when working with a London video production company:

  •     Video recordings using a camera
  •     Screencasts using screen capture software
  •     Converting slideshows into video

Each of these formats require a different amount of time and resources to get started but each can be used to market your business, increase sales and improve engagement.

Let’s take a further look into how each of them can be created and used:

Video Recordings

Video recordings are the main bulk of work done by a video production company. They’re what happen as a result of filming a subject you choose.

It might be in the shape of a micro-documentary, a behind-the-scenes look at how you work, an online video tutorial or even a live event.

If you can use your own employees in your corporate video and make sure they are natural in front of the camera, this will be better than using actors pretending to work in your organisation.


Screencasts are recordings of computer screens which are mainly used for tech-based tutorials. Screencasts have become wildly popular for learning because many different skills require visual interaction for understanding the concepts; it’s easier to learn a skill when you can see it done before you rather than reading it and trying to replicate the results.

Your business may not be able to use screencasts for every element of what you have to offer but it can still be implemented for such things as training your staff which, in itself, could be used to market you business as it could spread your business philosophy in the event people want to learn more.


The easiest of the three mentioned, slideshow videos are nothing more than taking a slideshow and converting it into video by adding audio and leading people through multiple slides to create video. You can begin with this style of video marketing by launching PowerPoint or equivalent piece of software, creating a compelling set of slides and then recording it using screen capture tools or other software programs that allows you to export your slide as a video. Once you’ve created the main video, you can directly publish it or take the next step into adding audio to add another layer of value to the video.

Since there is no definitively set of “rules” to video marketing, you can experiment with each of these formats by mixing and matching each to create any style of video that suits your needs. There are many companies that even use videos sent in by passionate customers to share information about their products such as tutorials!

For more information about which video marketing method will suit your company, call flycreative today.