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Archive: March 26, 2014

3 Popular Video Marketing Methods

clapperboardThere is no written “rule” on how to create video for your marketing campaign but there have been three types that are popular that you may want to consider when working with a London video production company:

  •     Video recordings using a camera
  •     Screencasts using screen capture software
  •     Converting slideshows into video

Each of these formats require a different amount of time and resources to get started but each can be used to market your business, increase sales and improve engagement.

Let’s take a further look into how each of them can be created and used:

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How to Use Video to Repair Brand Damage

Lots of mainstream businesses use video to increase sales, engagement loyalty and referrals.

But video is also a powerful tool when it comes to repairing brand damage.

Back in 2009, Dominos Pizza came under fire after 2 employees recorded themselves carrying out preparation activities that weren’t very pleasant. The video went viral and initially Dominos Pizza made the mistake of not responding to the incident while the online conversation grew.

Finally, the company president made a heartfelt and sincere speech about the incident and apologised to customers. It was well received and thought to have worked very well to start repairing the brand damage the company had faced. Watch the video below and then read why it worked so well:

A personal face

The video is made by the president and puts a face to the message. This can be very powerful when dealing with customer service complaints. People want to feel like they are being heard by an actual person rather than getting lost in a “system” of automated communication.

If you can add a personal face from a member in your organisation this can be very effective in repairing brand damage by video.

Sincere and emotional

The president of Dominos does an excellent job in delivering the message. It is scripted, but feels sincere because of the emotions he displays when talking into the camera. If you can find someone in your organisation who is able to do the same, and not feel stiff or nervous in front of the camera, this is who you want to use.


What’s important in this particular message is that it doesn’t just issue an apology, it explains specifically what measures have been taken to make sure the incident isn’t repeated. This shows that the company has taken what has happened seriously. By listing specific measures, it is more believable rather than simply issuing a generic statement that “we will do all we can to ensure this won’t happen again” which is the kind of message heard so often and automatically, that it no longer works to build trust in the customer.

For more information about how we can create a video to help you repair brand damage, contact flycreative today.

What is the Process of Corporate Video Production?

Video production Brighton

Photo by Kalindalziel

If you’re looking for a London video production company to create a corporate video or marketing campaign, you might be wondering about the process from enquiry to completion.

Each video marketing project is different, but here we provide a rough outline of what you can expect when working with a video production company.

The enquiry stage

At the enquiry stage you may be looking at a number of London video production companies. We will do our best to answer all your video production questions you may have such as how long does video production take, what format can we produce, and how much the video production will cost. 

We have a number of resources, fact sheets and downloads that we can send to you so don’t hesitate to get in touch and chat about the ideas of your project.


Once you’ve commissioned flycreative to create your corporate video we get started on the pre-production phase. This is where we plan the details of your corporate video.

We’re different to a lot of video production companies in that we can also help you with the creative development of your ideas and offer scriptwriting and copywriting services. Or we can work directly with your creative agency and shoot directly from their scripts and storyboards.

In this stage we can scout for locations, find voiceover talent and actors as well as all the materials needed to complete the shoot.

By taking time to plan at this stage we’re able to have an efficient shooting schedule and keep you informed every step of the way.


During the filming stage we can work with your employees throughout the shoot or independently. Each member of our crew will know the shooting schedule so that everyone can work together to create a smooth, stress-free shoot!

You are very welcome to join us while we shoot and watch your ideas begin to come to life.


In post production this is where the real magic happens. We take all of the footage and edit it with music, motion-graphics if needed, and polish it all to give it that movie-quality gleam.

This is also where we create the different formats of your corporate video – which come as standard on all flycreative projects.

For more details about filming your corporate video, please get in touch!