March 22, 2014 jon

How to Use Video to Repair Brand Damage

Lots of mainstream businesses use video to increase sales, engagement loyalty and referrals.

But video is also a powerful tool when it comes to repairing brand damage.

Back in 2009, Dominos Pizza came under fire after 2 employees recorded themselves carrying out preparation activities that weren’t very pleasant. The video went viral and initially Dominos Pizza made the mistake of not responding to the incident while the online conversation grew.

Finally, the company president made a heartfelt and sincere speech about the incident and apologised to customers. It was well received and thought to have worked very well to start repairing the brand damage the company had faced. Watch the video below and then read why it worked so well:

A personal face

The video is made by the president and puts a face to the message. This can be very powerful when dealing with customer service complaints. People want to feel like they are being heard by an actual person rather than getting lost in a “system” of automated communication.

If you can add a personal face from a member in your organisation this can be very effective in repairing brand damage by video.

Sincere and emotional

The president of Dominos does an excellent job in delivering the message. It is scripted, but feels sincere because of the emotions he displays when talking into the camera. If you can find someone in your organisation who is able to do the same, and not feel stiff or nervous in front of the camera, this is who you want to use.


What’s important in this particular message is that it doesn’t just issue an apology, it explains specifically what measures have been taken to make sure the incident isn’t repeated. This shows that the company has taken what has happened seriously. By listing specific measures, it is more believable rather than simply issuing a generic statement that “we will do all we can to ensure this won’t happen again” which is the kind of message heard so often and automatically, that it no longer works to build trust in the customer.

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