October 8, 2013 jon

Advanced Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing has evolved over the last few years since businesses have begun using it online. Here are a few advanced tactics for video marketing to give your company an advantage:

Have people send in video testimonials

Video testimonials are extremely powerful at convincing people to purchase a product but if they come only from your business than it won’t seem legitimate. A way to get great testimonials is by sending a video production company to visit and talk to you passionate customers and capture their story.

Get your employees to record videos

Tap into your employees, if you have some, and have them create videos about what they think about your business and products. Employee videos are a great way to get a lot of video content out to the web and will show an excellent side of your business that is rarely seen in the industry. People that see the video can see how happy your employees are and may make the decision to buy from you based on this principle. Remember, people buy from other people, not just a message so this style of video can do wonders for getting your brand recognized.

Share videos of community events

Does your business hold community events? Record them and share them online. People that attend will want to share these videos with friends and family; they may also share it with random people online if they had a great time. Events create a lot of buzz in your community; if you had documentation of it, such as through video, you can let others join in on the fun.

Create a video blog for your business

Create video posts for your business blog instead of the usual text-based post. Record something new for your business every day by setting up a camera in your office and sharing a bit of information that will help your customers. Videos are quick to produce for blogs and can save you hundreds of hours each year when business blogging. The regular connection you make through your video can make you stand out compared to the otherwise dry, boring business blogs out there.

Video Guest Post

Instead of creating written guest posts for other websites you can create video posts! Shoot and produce a video of your best information and give it away as a guest post on relevant websites or blogs within your niche. Few guest posters go as far as to create video so this is your chance to stand out.

Syndicate your video content

A good video production company can help split the audio from the video and share it as a podcast. We can also transcribe audio into text and publish it as a business blog post. Or we can take screen captures of your stills and share a slideshow online. Your video can be chopped up and mixed dozens of ways into new content pieces. This helps us share your message all over the web by tapping into the various content sharing websites out there.

Videos can quickly become viral and spread like wild-fire throughout social media. Don’t push your marketing message too hard, let people discover what you have to offer naturally. Create video that shakes up the industry and call out your competitors for not stepping up “their game”. Stand out from the rest by implementing video into your marketing efforts.

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