October 22, 2013 jon

How to Choose the Target Market for Your Corporate Video

Last time we looked at how important it is to know the purpose of your corporate video. This time we’re dealing with how to choose the target audience for your video.

Often choosing the purpose of your video will influence who you want your viewer to be, but if you’re still trying to decide it’s worth considering the following:

Who do you want to attract?

Based on the style of corporate video that you want to make, and the goals you want to achieve, who do you want to attract to your video?

Is it someone who is ready to buy? Is it a supplier interested in working with you? Is it a customer doing research before they purchase?

Knowing who it is your’e trying to attract will influence the content you create, and also where you distribute your video. 

Do they speak your company language? 

The next piece of the puzzle is to consider whether your viewer is going to be familiar with your company and the language used in your industry, or whether you need to explain terms and procedures that you might otherwise take for granted.

For example, a lot of companies my have project managers who research purchasing software, rather than IT employees. As a result they may need the technology speak translated

What information are they looking for? 

This is the most important point. Based on who your customer is, and their situation, what are they looking for from your video?

If a potential customer is researching a problem are you providing the information to help them solve that problem? If you are trying to attract new suppliers are you stating the benefits of working with your company?

Focus the core message on what your audience is looking for and you will engage your viewers much more easily.

For more help choosing the target market for your corporate video, contact flycreative today.