September 7, 2014 jon

How to Use Your Corporate Video for Search Engine Placement

One benefit that will surprise you with video production is that video does amazingly well in terms of search engine rankings.

The competition for the majority of search engine rankings and keywords are dominated by companies that can invest a lot of time and resources into video but what you will often notice is the overall lack of video within the search results.

Search engines such as Google will give high placement to videos that are extremely valuable; they even have their own sections in the search results! If you see a lack of videos showing up for information in your niche than you can dominate the video market by being the first and best to the industry to utilize video for marketing.

Optimizing your video for Search Engine Optimization is simple:

  • Use your main keyword in the title of the video
  • Fill in a keyword rich description
  • Tag your video appropriately
  • Build links to your video like you would any other web page

There are smaller elements to video SEO but these are the main factors that will do the most amount of work for getting your video ranked well. Repeat this process for each of your videos and you could soon dominate your industry for every term with a well placed video in the search engines!

For more information about how to use video production for your SEO rankings, call flycreative today

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