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Should Your Company Have its Own Branded TV Channel?

debTVWith more businesses using video marketing to increase sales, improve customer loyalty and retention its no surprise that larger brands have gone all out and created their own branded TV channels.

Marks and Spencer and Debenhams are 2 main UK retailers offering a dedicated TV channel for their customers. It’s a smart move because:

  • It increases customer engagement
  • It enables cross-selling through video
  • Tutorial videos can be used to increased sales

MSTVBut should your company think about doing the same? Here are some things to think about.

Do you know what information your customers need?

Before creating any video marketing resources, you really need to know what information your customer needs.

In the example of the carphone warehouse tutorial videos, the company knew that customers were doing more pre-sale research into which phones would be most suitable. As a result they focused their efforts on comprehensive video tutorials that would help prospects find the information they needed to become a customer.

What is your customer looking for? Do you know what information they need before they make a purchase? Are they looking for information on how a product works, or how they can use the product in their lifestyle?

For example, a technology company can benefit greatly from product tutorials, while clothing retailers will have success on helpful tips and hints on how to incorporate the latest fashion into their customer’s life.

Do you have the resources?

The best way to make an impact with a branded TV channel is by producing consistent, valuable content.

Video marketing is best when it is incorporated into your ongoing marketing efforts. Every day cusotmers are asking new questions, and to remain competitive, you need to anticipate those needs and provide helpful information.

Ask yourself if you have the resources, or can hire them to:

  • Research customer needs
  • Plan creative concepts for videos
  • Produce videos
  • Promote and engage with viewers after release

If you don’t have the resources in house, video production companies often offer long term or video production retainer services to provide a continuous and uninterrupted service in the delivery of your company TV channel.

Can you make your videos engaging?

One of the most important things about investing in video-marketing is making sure your video is something people will actually want to watch, use interact with and even share.

A simple behind-the-scenes corporate video can help build customer loyalty

A simple behind-the-scenes corporate video can help build customer loyalty

There are many different ways you can tell a video story on your branded tv channel, including:

If you want to discuss more ideas for your own branded tv channel, or any other aspects of video production, please get in touch today.

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