March 4, 2013 jon

What Format Do You Need for Your Corporate Video?

If you’re thinking about hiring a London video production company to shoot your corporate video, you might have questions about what format you should choose.

Some video companies charge extra for producing videos in different formats (at flycreative our clients receive all formats as standard).

Before working with a video company, find out what formats they can provide

Before working with a video company, find out what formats they can provide

To answer the question it really depends on how you want to use your corporate video. For example:

Using your corporate video on the web and mobile

A lot of businesses want their corporate videos to use online. These can be used for online tutorials, viral video marketing campaigns, training tools, or live streaming events. Having video on your website can increase engagement and sales if it is designed to appeal to your target audience.

Most video production companies in London will provide your video ready for teh web, which is usually 720p, also classed as HD or HD ready. This formatting will look great on a computer, tablet or mobile.

Using your corporate video as a brochure

You may decide to use your corporate video as a sales tool. Something you can provide to customers to watch and find out more information about your business. Your video production company can provide a video for you on DVD, which will be SD as opposed to HD, but will still look great when viewed on a DVD player or computer.

Using your corporate video for HD screens

You may decide you want to use your corporate video to view in high definition on a HD TV, or screen. In this case you would be provided with a high definition computer file that you would be able to open and play through your computer or laptop onto a projector, or through a high definition TV screen.

Hopefully this has answered your questions about the different formats available when working with a video production company on your corporate video. If you do have any other questions about formatting of videos, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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