How to Choose Your Style of Video

November 24, 2014 jon

How to Choose Your Style of Video

Video Production London

One of the great things about creating a corporate video for your company is the flexibility you have over choosing a style and a format. From micro-documentaries to animated short films, there is a style that will suit your ideal audience and corporate video goals. 

Below are just a few examples that we can help you with:

Micro Documentary

You can read this blog post to find out more about micro-documentaries but in a nutshell it tells the story of your business in a 15-20 minute style of documentary. Instead of being purely promotional it is shot in a style that engages the viewer as a regular documentary is designed to do.

Video Production London

Timelapse of London Streets

Time Lapse

A great way to demonstrate your product or service over time is using a time-lapse video. This is where shots of film are shot over a long period of time and then speeded up to show changes happening quickly. This can create a powerful effect particularly for businesses in manufacturing and construction.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes it’s difficult to find live filming opportunities that illustrate the message that you want to say. That’s where animation and motion graphics save the day. Here the only limit is your imagination. If you can visualise it, we can create it and film it using animations and graphics.

Live Event

Sometimes only live streaming will do. If you’ve got a live concert or conference, live streaming lets you increase your audience reach by providing access to those who can’t be there in person. For more ideas on how to use live streaming, read this blog post. 

For more ideas about London video production and the style of your corporate video, contact flycreative today.

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