A Checklist of Qualities to Look for in a Video Team

April 14, 2015
April 14, 2015 jon

A Checklist of Qualities to Look for in a Video Team

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When you’re looking for the right video production company for your project, you’re likely to face difficulties drawing up a shortlist. There are lots of businesses out there, which superficially seem like a good fit, but how can you find the ones best suited to you? If you’re looking online, the first thing to do is get your search terms right: for the avant-garde ballet company based in Norwich, searching for ‘video production company London’ is unlikely to be fruitful.

Otherwise, here are some qualities and attributes you should pay attention to when shortlisting film production companies.

Experience in Their Field

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As in most industries, experience is a crucially important factor. The experience of the professionals working on your project determines not only the quality of the final product, but also sets the mood for the process. And when your project hits snags and speed bumps – which happens to everyone sooner or later – a harmonious, experienced team will know exactly how to power through to the finishing line regardless.

Enthusiasm for Your Project and Respect for Your Ideas

Your project is important to you, and you accept that it probably won’t have the same significance to someone without a similarly direct connection. But it’s a good sign when the company you’re thinking of hiring displays a healthy measure of enthusiasm for your goals. On the flip side, you don’t want them to be so enthusiastic that they run away with your ideas like a foxhound pursuing a scent trail: you’re the client, and you call the shots.

Evidence of Imagination

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Even the most prosaic concept can benefit from a creative approach. Sure, if your project is an educational video you’re probably not aiming to out-compete Lars von Trier, but you won’t want it to look exactly like all the others you’ve seen before. Creativity is also an asset when it comes to overcoming budgetary constraints, too.

Sound Project Management Skills

When it comes to delivering your project on time and on budget, this quality is significant. It tends to go hand in hand with experience, although it’s quite possible to find inexperienced professionals with great project management skills, and – unfortunately – the reverse. The ability of a company to run your project can be reliably judged by the way they’ve managed others, so don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials and references from their other clients.

To find the right video production company, start with appropriate internet search terms: don’t use ‘video production company London’ to look for an arthouse filmmaker based in Wales. If you’re based in London or the south of England, Mustard offers bespoke video production and exceptional service.

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