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Choosing the perfect music for your corporate video

Even if it’s only for a short intro a few seconds long, the music you choose for your corporate video can make the difference between people picking up the phone to contact you and them frantically clicking STOP and going to one of your competitors. When it comes to music and corporate videos, the first challenge is finding good music options, and the second it choosing the right music for your goals.

For example, the music in this video we made for Kings Colleges needed to lead people through a story. It  starts very simply, becoming more varied with more instruments being added, which mirrors the student’s world opening up to new opportunities.

Finding good music and using it legally

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Who should write my video voice-over script?

If you’re thinking about working with a video production company on a corporate or promotional video, you may be wondering who would be the best person to write the video voice-over script? Should you write it yourself, or should you get the video production company to write it for you?

Do you need a video voice-over script at all?

Before you decide on who’s going to write your video voice-over script though, you might want to consider whether a formal script is the best approach for you. If you’re telling a story then a scripted video works well, but what about a promotional video? Often an overly-scripted video can sound false or forced.

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How We Cost Our Services

As a video producer you always know it’s going to be one of the first questions from a client: How much will you charge for making me a video? when thinking of cost effective and video production Brighton, why not contact flycreative for more information.

The honest answer is I can’t tell you. At least not until we’re agreed on what you want to achieve. What I can tell you is how we cost our video production service: using a straightforward per person per day calculation.

We have fixed day rates for our cameramen, editors, animators and shooting assistants. (Our team are all experienced and living in London or Brighton isn’t cheap, so everyone has a day rate upwards of £300/day.)

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How to Choose Your Style of Video

One of the great things about creating a corporate video for your company is the flexibility you have over choosing a style and a format. From micro-documentaries to animated short films, there is a style that will suit your ideal audience and corporate video goals. 

Below are just a few examples that we can help you with:

Micro Documentary

You can read this blog post to find out more about micro-documentaries but in a nutshell it tells the story of your business in a 15-20 minute style of documentary. Instead of being purely promotional it is shot in a style that engages the viewer as a regular documentary is designed to do.

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Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Corporate Video Campaign

As a London video production company, we guide our clients through each stage of the video production stages from marketing and creative planning, pre-production, filming and post-production.

In fact, if you have any questions about what to expect during these stages when working with a video production company, please feel free to contact us.

From our experience working with businesses on corporate video production in London, we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the most important questions it’s worth answering before you work on your corporate video.

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How to Use Your Corporate Video for Search Engine Placement

One benefit that will surprise you with video production is that video does amazingly well in terms of search engine rankings.

The competition for the majority of search engine rankings and keywords are dominated by companies that can invest a lot of time and resources into video but what you will often notice is the overall lack of video within the search results.

Search engines such as Google will give high placement to videos that are extremely valuable; they even have their own sections in the search results! If you see a lack of videos showing up for information in your niche than you can dominate the video market by being the first and best to the industry to utilize video for marketing.

Optimizing your video for Search Engine Optimization is simple:

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Using a Video Production Company to Create Screencasts

screen cast video production brightonScreencasts are perfect for businesses in the tech industry or have a product which can be shown on screen.

A screencast is a video that captures what is shown on a computer screen. This works well for creating marketing videos for software and online technology companies to promote how a product works.

For example,

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How to Use Your Corporate Video for Lead Capture on Landing Pages

Video is an excellent form of lead capture for your website either through driving people to your site or using it on the actual lead capture landing pages.

A landing page is a specific page designed on your site to encourage prospects to get in touch about your service.

It might be that you want your customers to download a brochure, or make an appoitnment, or leave their details for a sales rep to call.

Landing pages are typically designed to focus the visitor’s attention on completing the call-to-action. Usually the navigation bar is missing and the only choices are to either close the page, or leave their details.

Video can be very powerful on landing pages, because rather than relying on a visitor to actively read the sales copy, you can convey a message much faster through video. Additionally, video lets you show of you products or services which puts people into the mindset as if they actually own them.

Video marketing, in this sense, should be shot where the benefits are heavily conveyed. Video can be used for lead capturing by putting people into an emotional mindset which they will be more likely to buy.

For more details about what should be included in a video for your landing page, contact flycreative today.

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